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Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows 7. 

When I scan a document it scans into My pictures as a jpg file.  I cannot figure out how to convert it to a .pdf file.
I don’t see anything on any drop down menu when I “Save As” or send it to “Documents” that allows me to convert it to Adobe pdf.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank You,  Judy


Dear Judy,

When you scan a document, it is converted to an image. That is why it is usually saved as a jpg file, although you probably have the option to save it in several image formats.

In order to save your document as a pdf file (it would still basically be an image, and you would not be able to edit it in a word processing program) you need a program that is capable of exporting your image to the pdf format.

Many scanners now, have an option for saving your file as a pdf. I have an HP scanner, and an Epson scanner that do include that option in the scanner software, so check the book that came with your scanner (the help file, or scanner website would be a good place to look as well)

If your scanner software does not include the option for saving your scanned document as a pdf, you could use a program that converts any files to pdf. There are quite a few free programs available that will allow you to print to pdf. Primo PDF at would be one example.

Just go to Google (or your favorite search engine) and search for “Print to PDF”, and you will find many programs.


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