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Dear Computer Lady,

I own a small business and currently have 700 address in my address book that I use to send out newsletters. I am using Windows Live for my email.

I am limited with Windows Live to about 100 emails that I can send in one day, therefore it takes several days to get all of these sent out.

I have been told that if I use Microsoft Outlook that I will not have this issue. Is this correct or am I just being told this to sell a $140.00 software program?

Thanks for you info and I do learn a lot from your newsletters.

Margaret in Murfreesboro, TN


Dear Margaret,

Your email program is probably not the one limiting the number of email messages you can send out in a day, it is usually the internet service provider that has imposed that limit.

I know that my internet service provider limits the number of emails I can send in a day, and I have had mine shut off for 24 hours becuase I exceeded that limit.

So, even if Windows Live Mail is limiting the number of messages you can send each day, purchasing Outlook will not give you the ability to send an unlimited number of messages.

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    • falcon81m
    • June 18, 2011

    For our club e mail, I too had to limit our number of e mails per time. What I did was to make groups. I put about 49 to a group and names each group. Then I could send all out in one day. I sent them using CC and blind copy. I didn’t send any using send, because that would then show all e mails to everyone in that group. I only had 180 e mails to send out, so I only had 5 groups. (I needed to keep the groups alphabetized.) Webmail only allowed me to have up to 50 in a group. BUT never restricted me to one e mail per day.
    Hope this helps.

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