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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Dell computer, Vista 64 bit.

About a week ago I shut it down. When I tried rebooting it, it goes into this never-ending loop of ” Configuring updates: 1 of 3″
It restarts, then continues the configuring of updates. Sometimes it even does “Configuring updates: 3 of 3”.I have let it run for almost 2 days. It never reboots.

I had a strange phone call a few days after this happened. A man claiming he knew I was having computer problems and was offering to help. He didn’t say specifically what was wrong, just asking me to get on my computer and he would tell me what to do. I believe he said he was from a company called “Computer Technology”. I never asked anyone for help, on-line or in person. (I do believe my computer was sending Error Reports) I had been googling – a lot. I hung up. I was afraid he’d have me type in something giving him access to my computer. How would he know my number (land-line) or that I was having problems?–

So, how can I fix this never-ending loop and get into my computer again?
Also, was I wise or over-cautious not to accept help from my mystery caller.

Thanks in advance for you help.
You’ve been a long-time source of help to me.


Dear Patricia,

First, you were very smart to hang up on the caller. More and more people have been getting this type of phone call from scammers, and it makes no difference that you were having computer problems at the time they called, they are just betting on the fact that most people are having some sort of issues with their computers most of the time.

As for the update loop, this does happen occasionally. I usually fix a computer with this type of problem every couple of months or so. If you can, try booting into safe mode, and see if you can either un-install the update, or do a restore back to an earlier date. If you are not sure how to boot into safe mode, you probably should take it into a computer repair shop and have them do it for you.



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    • sj_kac
    • November 10, 2013

    Hi Computer Lady,

    I have a question on the above article. When Windows does updates, it reboots and tells the user not to do anything until the updates have been completely installed. Could the above problem have been caused by the user turning off the computer, or doing something else, before the updates had completely installed?

    Thanks for your newsletter,
    Ken in San Jose

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