The Secret To Copying Music From CD to Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

My OS is Win 7. My question in about My Music File. Recently I copied & pasted a two of my Christmas CD’s into the “My Music” file. I cant get them to play when I select a song. I’m sure I was able to do this before & it seems like I could open # 1 & then Win Media player would play all in a loop.

I loaded them by opening the CD then using copy & past & I pasted them to “My Music” file into a folder I had created there for each CD. I can see all songs in those folders but cant even play one by opening it with Win Media Player. Now the 3 songs that come with Win7 play OK. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you, Gary

Dear Gary,

You need to copy your music from a CD to your computer using the “Rip” function. Here is how:

1. Insert your CD in the drive.

2. Open Windows Media Player.

3. Click on the CD title in the left column.

4. Click on “Rip CD” in the menu bar.

The CD will automatically be copied to your music folder.



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