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Thank-you for a good newsletter.

I am having a problem with all my picture programs.

I use Picasa 3 ( I have windows 7) & the pictures (some of them) also go into My pictures & also into Walmart pictures so therefore I have repeats of lots of pictures.

Is this taking up a lot of space & what is a good program to keep them all in one spot so I can reorganize them.

Would like to keep Walmart as one so I can order prints whenever I want to. Please tell me what the best programs for pictures are.

Thanks so much, Judy in Montana

Dear Judy,

You probably don’t have multiple copies of your photos in different places, but it sounds like you just have different ways of looking at them.

Programs that you can use to view and manipulate your photos like Picasa and the Walmart program are not places where you keep your pictures, they are more like a window or magnifying glass that you can see your pictures through.

On the other hand, your “My Pictures” folder is a container where you store your photos.

If you open Picasa and look at some of your photos, then open another photo program and look at the same photos, chances are, you don’t have multiple copies of the same photos, but you are looking at them through different programs.

If you open your, “My Pictures” folder and look through the different folders in that container, and fine multiple copies of the same picture in the different folders, then you do have repeats of those pictures.



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    • w.p. kowall
    • October 21, 2013

    I have a small program called Visipics. It was a free download but I don’t know where I got it. It searches the files you designate and displays duplicates or near duplicates. It has sensitivity settings so you can decide how close a match you want to view. You can then decide which copy you want to delete. I have used it for well over five years now and neve have had a problem.

    • garybeafl
    • October 21, 2013

    When you are looking at a photo in picasa you can right click on it and then select “locate on disc” and it will show you where that photo is on your hard drive.

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