Using Old Program on New Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I am emailing you from Qld in Australia

I have been receiving your newsletters  for some time now, however I have a problem that nobody seems to know the answer or can help me.

I have a new computer with Win 7  home premium installed by the manufacturer.

I have  a quite old  program that I would like to install on this computer that  I have been using for  years now  It has worked beautifully on XP pro all  this time. But now it is unable to be installed on this new computer.

I have downloaded it to a flash drive but this computer will  not read it. I also have the disc but no go there either.

Do you know of any way that  this program can be viewed on this computer?

It is  a Sierra software and it is the Jenny Craig Cookbook.  

Thank you, Wendy


Dear Wendy,

It is sad when we have a favorite program that no longer works on our new computer. I have seen this happen frequently, not only with programs, but also with hardware like printers and scanners.

I personally, have an eight year old scanner that doesn’t work with Windows 7. I paid hundreds of dollars for this scanner, and it still works better than most of the inexpensive scanners you can buy today.

There are usually two options when you have an older program that no longer works with your version of Windows. The first is to go out and purchase an updated version of the program. I did a little bit of searching and found that there is no updated version of your Jenny Craig Cookbook (Amazon does sell it in a hardcover book format) so this does not appear to be an option for you.

Your second option, is to upgrade your Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional. Once you are using Windows 7 Professional, you can download and install a virtual XP program which will allow you to install and run older programs (and hardware) in a window that looks just like the XP desktop.

Microsoft has directions, and the files that you need to do this on their website at:

I hope this helps you with your Jenny Craig software.


PS: I have used several recipe programs over the years, but the one that has worked the best over the years is a recipe database that I created in a program called, TreePad. It is not specifically a recipe program, and it does not calculate calories and change serving sizes, but the company has given me free upgrades every time a new version comes out, and in that way, I am always able to access the information I have stored in the program.

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