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Dear Computer Lady.

First of all, I wish to thank you for all the help you have provided for everyone of your subscriber fans, including this 80 year old man trying to keep up with the world.

I recently downloaded and installed a Firefox Add-on to be able to download You Tube files to my computer. Then the problems started. Every time I searched the Web for some merchandise, “Offers4U” popped up and was telling me I could get the product cheaper at Walmart or some other vendor. This was very annoying. I didn’t make the association with the problem and the Add-on. I called my IT friend and he told me to get rid of the Add-on. He had run up against the “Offers4U” before. I got rid of the Add-on and that solved the problem.

My question to you is, can you recommend a program to download YouTube that is free of hidden junk-ware?

Thanking you in advance for your advise.

Dear Gene,

This is a very common problem with free software, it comes with advertising software that annoys us and slows down our systems.

Sometimes all you have to do is read each screen carefully when installing a program, and uncheck the boxes that ask if you want to install other software. Not all free programs give you that option though.

A better option might be to look for inexpensive, but not free programs that will download your video. Any of the screen recorder programs will work.

I have used RealPlayer to download online videos with great success. It is at



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    • ron007
    • November 15, 2016

    I have been using the FF addon Video Downloadhelper (V6.1.1) for a while now with no advertising. Does everything I need it to do.

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