Buying A New Tablet

Dear Computer Lady,

Greetings from Vermont!

We want to buy a tablet but know well from past experience that we know VERY LITTLE!!!

What we want the tablet to do is give us internet access & ability to write with a keyboard.

Is there a tablet that has BUILT IN an extensive but simple “training program” as to getting the most use out of it?

ANY suggestions please?

1,000,000 thanks!


Dear Eli,

The good news is that every tablet that I have seen does have the ability to access the internet using Wi-Fi. You should have no problem with that feature.

As far as a keyboard is concerned, they all come with an on-screen keyboard that will allow you to type, however, if you touch type like I do, an on-screen keyboard is a little slow and awkward.

I have a nice logitech keyboard cover that I use with my iPad, it was an extra expense, but it allows me to type notes in meetings and lectures much faster than I would otherwise be able to. A quick search on Amazon, shows that there are keyboards available for just about any tablet that you buy.

Unfortunately, I have not seen any tablet with a built in training program. Some options for learning about your new tablet include the following:

When you purchase an apple device like the iPad, you can go to your nearby Apple store and take classes free of charge.

Both the iPad and the Kindle Fire have books available. My favorite are the missing manual series.



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