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Dear Computer Lady,

I just got this Galaxy Tablet as a gift and I am doing well with it, however I just cannot figure out how to delete internet pages?

On my laptop, when they list the pages I have visited across the top and I can right click on them individually and delete them but on the Tablet there does not seem to be a way to do so and I cannot access another site until I free up a page.

I hope this makes sense and you can please help me.
I so appreciate your newsletter and all your helpful advice.

Thank you….Conni

Dear Conni,

I don’t have a Galaxy Tablet, however I have two tablets running the Android OS and both of them have a small X on the right edge of the open tab.

Just tap on that X to close the tab.

Repeat this for each page as it becomes active, and you will be able to close all your open internet pages.



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