How To Password Protect Your Tablet

How To Password Protect your Android Tablet

If you have been using your tablet for a while now, you probably have all kinds of information on it.

You might have your email, perhaps some work documents or even financial information.

How do you keep all that information private? Simply set a password or Pin on your device.

Most Android tablets have this setting, and it is fairly easy to find.

First, go to your home screen and find the icon for “Settings” and tap on it.

In the settings menu, tap on “Security” it might be bundled with Location and in that case you would tap on “Location and Security”.

In the security settings, find the, “Screen Lock” section and tap on it.

Tap on Password, or Pin to set either a password, or a 4 digit pin number.

Type the password or Pin again to confirm and you should be all set to go with your password protected tablet.


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    • densmail
    • July 1, 2013

    Hi CLady
    I do NOT have the set password pin option or any other password set option in
    “settings” location & Security as your good self and other sites suggest.
    The only listings in the above are tickable options for “Use wireless networks” “Use GPS satellites” “Use assisted GPG” and “Visable passwords”
    Quite a few other folk on sites I see are having the same problem,and also with no results.
    I are using a 10″ Android Tablet,Infotmic,version 2.2V2.6:#4402
    Can U advise?

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