How To Reset Android Tablet

Dear Computer Lady,

I got an android tablet several months ago and didn’t make time to learn much about it, Now I can’t remember the user name and password, so I can get past the opening page.

Is there a way to reset the tablet?


Dear Geri,

Yes, there is a way to reset your Android Tablet, however there is no universal way for all tablets. You will have to figure out how to reset your specific tablet.

You will lose any personal information on the tablet when you reset it.

First, you will need to shut the tablet off, then you will need to hold down the correct keys while you turn the tablet back on. Some common keys are:

Home & Power

Volume Up & Home & Power

Volume Up & Camera

Volume Up & Volume Down & Power

You will need to find directions for resetting your particular tablet. I would suggest you start with the user manual if it came with one, or go to the manufacturers website and search for your model.


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    • franktouch
    • December 18, 2013

    I had this android tablet,

    On Android 4.2, to reset it.

    You hold the power button and -vol button together for about 5 seconds.

    Then you let go of the power button and keep the -vol button still held until the android creature loads and gives you some options.

    Choose factory/data reset using volume keys.

    Good luck

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