Kindle VS Tablet

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Kindle VS Tablet So what’s the difference? I know that Kindle is a brand name, but I’m confused. I’ve been using a laptop for about 10 years and figure I’m still in junior high level.

My husband was just given a Samsung 7 tablet and I’m trying to help him but a pc and tablet are so different! Can’t find the forward (or back) buttons; even the facebook pages are different.
What would you suggest? Perhaps learning the differences would be a place to start?

Thanks so much, Darlene

Dear Darlene,

Tablet is a generic term that refers to any computing device that is larger than a phone, and has the display, circuits and battery in a single unit.

The Kindle is simply one of many tablets, sold by Amazon, it happens to be the 2nd best selling tablet right behind the Apple iPad.

Your husband’s Samsung tablet is yet another type of tablet. It is different from the iPad (totally different operating system) but closer to the Kindle. The Samsung tablet uses the Android operating system (Amazon uses a customized version of Android on their Kindles).

The best place for you to start learning more about your husband’s tablet would be to find a good book about it. Amazon has quite a few “Missing Manual” books on android tablets. There is also a book called, “Android Tablets for Dummies”.

Hope this helps.

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