Leaving Your Tablet Charging

Dear Computer Lady,

Your newsletter has been such a help to me over the years I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m always so glad to see it arrive.

My question is about my tablet. I’m going to be gone for several weeks and am not taking my tablet.

Should I leave it plugged in or unplugged? I wonder about this about my laptop as well.
Thanks for your help. Linda

Dear Linda,

You should leave both your tablet and your laptop unplugged.

There are several reasons for this. One is that the converters can get hot, and you wouldn’t want to risk overheating.

If there are thunderstorms or electrical surges in the line while you are gone, it could damage your tablet or laptop.

Leaving a rechargable device plugged in for long periods of time can reduce the life of the battery.

In addition to leaving your tablet and laptop unplugged, you should also shut them down completely. On your tablet this means powering it off instead of just putting it to sleep, and for your laptop that means shutting it down instead of using sleep or hibernate. In addition, you can disconnect your laptop battery for added protection.



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