Trusting Carbonite

Dear Computer Lady, I saw where you use Carbonite back-up. My question, how do we know that the company can’t/won’t use our information that we send to the backup site? I seem to get virus more than I should and would like to try it, but want to know about their security. Thanks, Shirley

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Set Carbonite To Backup Files

  Dear Computer Lady, I have been using Carbonite on a trial basis. Many of my important files are in TreePad which is not in My Documents, but in Program Files on my computer. How can I get Carbonite to back these files up? I tried dragging the whole TreePad folder to My Documents in […]

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Saved By My Backup

  Dear Computer lady.  Just wanted to let you know that the Carbonite Online Back up is worth it’s weight in gold. I have writing two novels and about a dozen short stories and always save them after every update or revision (I thought) After not working on any of my writing for a few […]

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