Installing CD Drive

Dear Computer Lady, Can you help explain to me how to tell on a CD-ROM drive where to locate the switch to switch between slave and master.? Also what is the difference in Slave and Master. Just explain to me the best you can. I’ve looked on the CD-ROM drive that I have and can’t […]

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How To Install Roxio Creator

   How To Install Roxio Creator 2009 [ad#roxio] Roxio Creator is a great program for burning CDs, and creating backups of your photos, music and data, but often, the task of installing such a program is intimidating for the average user.  This tutorial will walk you through each step of installing Roxio Creator, and in […]

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Install Windows 98

  Dear Computer Lady, I just wanted to write to you, we have a windows 98 second edition computer. It was previously used for a business. We wanted to erase the entire hard drive. We went through dos and hit c:\format  and yes we formatted the drive. Now it will not let us reinstall windows […]

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