Jumpy Cursor

Dear Computer Lady, I have a new laptop with Windows 7 and have loaded Office 2010. Too often when I’m in Outlook, typing an email message, my cursor jumps to another location for no reason whatsoever, and I’m typing in another sentence than where I just was. Maybe I have fat fingers and am pushing […]

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Laptop Battery

Dear Computer Lady, I have a Toshiba laptop which I use as a desktop, so it is plugged in all of the time. I’ve read where you should remove your battery if you leave the laptop plugged in, however, when I remove the battery, the computer does not work. For the past few months, the […]

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Laptop won’t charge

Dear Computer Lady, I have a Dell Latitude 100L that was having some problems with the input port for the power adapter and would sometimes charge and other times it would not. We had it replaced and now the computer will not come on at all. It would power up with a new battery but […]

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