Mouse Button not Working

Dear Computer Lady, I have Windows XP Home Edition and recently the right click on my mouse stopped working. I’ve had this mouse for several years and originally just plugged it in and it worked without software. I checked options and there was nothing available for right click only to change it to a left […]

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Mouse Connection

Dear Computer Lady, I have a Dell computer, and have 4 usb ports in the back and two in the front. I bought a wireless mouse that has a round end and my ports are the rectangle size. I find that the mouse selections do not inform you of this before purchase. How can I […]

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Mouse Pointer Size

  Dear Computer Lady, Can you change the mouse pointer size to a larger size in Windows 98? If so, please tell me how you do it.  I have tried all the help areas on my computer and see no where to make the pointer larger.   Thank you for all your help, Robert 

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