Getting Pictures off Old Hard Drive

Dear Computer Lady, Hello my name is Heather . Hopefully you can help me with my computer problem. My husband had the same computer about I want to say 6 months ago and his crashed it’s a toshiba . I’ve been told people can pull pictures off of the hard drive. When I turn it […]

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Picture Icons changed

Dear Computer Lady, All of a sudden the pictures in my “pictures folder” are icons of a cat with legs sprawled out. How can I get my pictures to show again without opening each one directly? Arlene

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Take Pictures Out of Programs

Dear Computer Lady, I have pictures in Zoom browser and an adobe photo album and I would like to put them in the same file with all my pictures. I can’t seem to figure out how they let me do that. I can copy them but they are still there in the other files. I […]

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