No Power?

Dear Computer Lady, My daughters computer recently shut down. That is, she was downloading a file and all of a sudden her computer began to slowly shut down as if it was slowly losing power. Now she can’t even turn it on! We initially thought it was the power source but have unplugged everything and […]

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Laptop won’t charge

Dear Computer Lady, I have a Dell Latitude 100L that was having some problems with the input port for the power adapter and would sometimes charge and other times it would not. We had it replaced and now the computer will not come on at all. It would power up with a new battery but […]

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Turn Off Power Saving

  Dear Computer Lady, I wonder if you can solve this problem for me; I have Windows XP, SP2, AOL Broadband. If I leave my computer on line and return after 10 – 15 minutes I find that( sometimes) the Screen is black and the monitor light has changed to amber, I can hear the […]

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