Registry Questions

Dear Computer Lady, What is the Windows XP registry? How can you see how it works, and is there anyway to clean it up if necessary? Are there any decent programs available to clean it up? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Respectfully, Robert

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Registry Changes

Dear Computer Lady, I have a window that pops up occasionally that I do not understand. It says that it wants to change a registry and wants to know if this is okay. 1) What is a register 2) I always say no. Is this correct? Thank you, Duke

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Edit IE Title Bar

Dear Computer Lady, I have switched ISP’s but the name of my old one keeps coming up on my Internet Explorer Title bar. I wrote to them, asking how to remove it, and they couldn’t help me and told me to contact my new ISP to remove it, saying certain programs get ‘branded’. I know […]

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