Copy Programs

Dear Computer Lady, I enjoy reading your columns in Making It At Home, they are so very helpful. I have a problem: I have Adobe PageMill 3.0 in my old computer. I can not find the disks for it to load it into the new computer. Is there a way to download the program into […]

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Saving Files in Vista

  Dear Computer Lady, I tried to save a document into the “My Documents” folder on Windows Vista, it pops up a box saying it was being stored into a temporary files and now I can’t find the document. How do I get what I save to go into the “My Documents” folder? Thank you, […]

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Organize Documents

  Dear Computer Lady, In the software program, Word Perfect, you create folders and then you can also create sub folders within those folders.  Can sub folders be created in MS Word.  I have Windows XP version. The folders are much easier to manage with sub folders because you don’t have all of these different […]

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