Saving Recipes

Dear Computer Lady, I have about 100 recipes saved at 6-7 different sites (GH, BHG, Eat Better America, etc) on my computer. Is there a way to take the recipes from these various sites and put them all in one place, whether on my desktop or on my jump drive? Is Treepad something I should […]

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Saving Information from Emails

Dear Computer Lady, I am a stay at home mom with a home party plan business. I do a lot of training through emails. My question and dilemma is this, when I receive an email I “move” it to a folder in my email account. Is there a way to save that folder and its […]

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Simple Database Program

Dear Computer Lady, Elizabeth, what kind of program would you suggest that could be used for a names data base? I do a lot of genealogy and need an inexpensive program. In one of your post and it has been a couple years ago maybe u had some sort of program u said could be […]

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