Stop Automatic updates XP

Dear Computer Lady, How can I stop automatic updates on my computer? I have Windows XP. I’ve gone into the “Internet Options” but that still doesn’t stop the updates from coming through. It really messes up some of my programs. Thank you Rachel

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Removing Updates?

Dear computer lady, My question is a simple one (I hope). When you download updates and install them, can you (or should you) eventually delete them if you go into the add/remove programs? I have so many updates on my laptop and not much memory left and I was wondering how I could save space. […]

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Windows Updates

Dear Computer Lady, I thoroughly enjoy your column!! I, too, have a question to ask you. Should I download the Windows update that pops up every day on my wallpaper, or should I just ignore it, as my new Windows is working so well? Does the old saying hold, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix […]

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