Wireless Stopped

Dear Computer Lady, My husband has a problem with his wireless on his laptop. It just stopped working. We can’t seem to figure out why. It worked the night before and when he got up in the morning, it would not connect to the internet. Could it be burned out, or another problem? It seems […]

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Wireless Advantages and Disadvantages

Dear Computer Lady, I have been with you for many years, and this is my first question. I just purchased a HP PC and it has a wirless lan. Besides losing some of the wires is there any other advantage for having this feature and will it low my computer down if I do utilize […]

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Forgot network key

Dear Computer Lady, I would like to connect my laptop to a wireless network in my house. the “main” computer has a linksys. my brother has hooked up one laptop to it already, but has misplaced the security key necessary to have my computer connected. is it possible to connect to the wireless internet another […]

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