Best Virus Cleaner For Vista

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

What is the best virus cleaner for your computer. I have window vista. It is sooooo slow won’t open explorer because it is trying to do too much.

Is there any virus protector for free?

Is the WinCleaner any good?

Thanks, Cecilia

Dear Cecilia,

Chances are if your computer is so slow it won’t even open Windows Explorer, you probably need a good clean out of the computer before you start with a new virus cleaner.

In the meantime, I would start with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It can clean out quite a bit of malware on your system and speed things up.

Then, make sure you have no other antivirus programs installed and install AVG Internet Security. I have both of those programs on my computer, and they keep me clean and running smoothly.

You can find links to both of these programs on my website at That is the best way to make sure you are getting the real program and not someone pretending to be them.

If these don’t work for your computer in it’s current condition, you will probably need a clean install of Windows to get things going for you.

As for WinCleaner, I have never used it, but I looked it up on Amazon, and it has a lot of mixed reviews.



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