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Dear Computer Lady,

I tried to save a document into the “My Documents” folder on Windows Vista, it pops up a box saying it was being stored into a temporary files and now I can’t find the document.

How do I get what I save to go into the “My Documents” folder?

Thank you, Martha



Dear Martha,

In Vista, there are a couple of changes in the location that files are saved, and the way the save dialog box is displayed.

The first change is the way some of the system folders are named and the location they are placed in. In Windows XP, you had a folder named, “My Documents” in Windows Vista, that folder has been renamed to simply, “Documents”. Along the same lines, “My Pictures” has been renamed to simply, “Pictures” and “My Computer” is now just, “Computer”.

Because of these changes, you will want to save your document in the “Documents” folder.

The second change is in the save dialog box. 

When you save a file in Windows XP, the save dialog box gives you a choice of  locations in which to save your file. It looks like this:


When you save a file in Windows Vista, the save dialog box is much smaller and has fewer visible options. It looks like this:


If the dialog box does not have the location that you want to save your files in, simply click on the “Browse Folders” button in the lower left corner of the dialog box, and the dialog box will change to display your folders, allowing you to save your file in any location that you desire.



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