Vista Password Disk

How to Create a Password reset disk in Windows Vista

Works in all editions of Windows Vista

One of the great things about Windows Vista is how secure it is. This security can work against you, however, if you forget your password.

To prevent being locked out of your own computer if you forget your password, or if the password somehow gets corrupted, you should create a password reset disk. This disk will allow you to create a new password, and regain access to your files and information.


Before you create your password reset disk, you will need either a USB flash drive or floppy disk. Many new computers do not have a floppy disk drive, so make sure you have a floppy drive if you want to use a floppy disk.

To create your disk, insert the floppy or USB flash drive that you want to use, and then click on the start button in any edition of Windows Vista, then click on “Control Panel”.

In the Control Panel, click on “User Accounts”, or click on “User Accounts and Family Safety”, and then click on “User Accounts”.

In the left side of the window, click on “Create a password reset disk”. This will start the “Forgotten Password Wizard”.

Read the information on the first page of the wizard, and click “Next”.

On the second page of the wizard, select the disk you want to use, from the drop down list and click “Next”.

Keep the disk in the computer, and type the password you are currently using in the box. Click “Next”.

Wait patiently while the wizard creates the disk and when the bar reaches 100% click “Next”.

Read the information in the last window, label your disk or flash drive, store it in a safe place, and click “Finish”.


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