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Dear Computer Lady,

I have been given a brand new computer by my grandkids, but it has Windows Vista. I notice all the e-mails I receive from you never mention Windows Vista. Is there a reason for that because I am trying to understand how to use it and having a hard time



Dear Troy,

At this time, about half of my readers are using Windows XP, and half are using Vista. Over time, I have gradually received more and more questions about Vista and as time goes on, there will be even more.

If you visit my blog where my articles are available online, you will see a categories column and down near the bottom there are categories for Windows XP and Vista. Just click on the “Vista” category to see all the articles that I have written about Vista.

In addition to the questions on the website, I also publish an email newsletter called, Computer Lady Lessons, which mostly focuses on Vista. You can sign up for that newsletter on my website here:


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