Why People Hate Vista


Dear Computer Lady,

I love your newsletter. You make things very easy to understand. Brief to the point and simple! I have passed it on to so many of my friends.

You always rave about Vista. Every single one of my friends that has Vista has had many, many problems with it and hate it. It’s not just a few people either, it’s several. Lots of them.

I would like a new computer but I won’t get one until I’m forced to because it only comes with Vista. I shudder every time I think about having to have it. I wish I could have the confidence in it that you have, but I’m surrounded by Vista problems and computer techs that also hate it. How did you get to love it so much?

Thanks for a great newsletter, Meg



Dear Meg,


In light of your friends experiences, I understand your hesitation to embrace Vista.

Let me share a few things that might ease your mind.

1. Vista computers can be very slow if they don’t have enough RAM. This is an easy problem to avoid, when you get your new computer, make sure it has at least 4 gigs of RAM. A computer running Vista with 2 or less Gigs of RAM will be extremely slow, and more prone to errors. 

2. Very few people that I have talked to have had the problems with Vista themselves. Usually when someone tells me how horrible vista is, I ask them where they are getting their information from.  Most of the time, their opinion is based on someone that a friend of theirs knows, not someone that they have met themselves. 

3. When people do have problems with their new computer, they automatically blame it on Vista. I’m not saying that Vista does not have any problems, I have come across a few irritating things that seem to be common problems with Vista. I have, however, seen many problems that people have automatically blamed on Vista that really were issues with other programs or hardware. Let me give you a few examples.



One person, purchased a new Vista computer and was plagued from the beginning with a problem of the computer rebooting several times an hour. At first she thought that it was a “Vista problem” but when the problem persisted she took it back to the store. At first, the store told her that Vista could not run her antivirus program. In the end, it was determined to be a hardware problem with the computer, and it was replaced. It was not a Vista problem.

Many people have been upset with Vista because their printers and scanners or other equipment don’t work with Vista. While I must admit this is frustrating, it is not a problem with Vista. Microsoft has given hardware companies the information they need to create new driver software for their product to work with Vista. Many companies have figured out that if they don’t invest the time and money into creating the new driver software, people will have to purchase a new printer or scanner which will increase their sales.

I have had customers tell me that they were on the phone with tech support for problems with their computer, and the tech support people have told them that the problem was with Vista when really, the problem turned out to be something entirely different.

How did I get to love Vista so much? I don’t know that I am in love with Vista, but on the computers that I have personal experience with, it runs with much more stability and much more security than any previous Microsoft operating system. In addition to that, it comes with security features that you used to have to pay extra for, and parental controls that were long overdue. 

Microsoft will soon be coming out with yet another new operating system. Will it be better than Vista? Probably it will be better. I have read that it is really just a makeover so that they can market it better than Vista was marketed. I have also read that many of the features that are now included in Vista, will not be part of the next operating system, and you will have to find your own email programs, photo programs, and parental control programs. This would make the operating system smaller and less complex, but it will mean that you, the consumer will need to spend more money on extra software.


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