Are People Happy With Windows 10?

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Microsoft tells me they are ready to install Windows 10 on my computer.

Before I let them do this, what have you heard from people who have?

How did the download go? Are they happy with Windows 10?

Thank you, Jan

Dear Jan,

I have been hearing from a lot of customers and readers about their upgrade experience to Windows 10.

Almost all of them are happy with Windows 10, I believe it is shaping up to be one of the most popular operating systems from Microsoft in a long time.

The upgrade, however seems to work great about 75% of the time, and not work the other 25% of the time. Because of this, I strongly suggest that you have a complete backup of your system just in case things go wrong.



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    • Rhino
    • August 30, 2015

    Personally I would be wary of downloading Win 10. Why is it so popular? Well for the first time it is free… or is it? Win 10 abounds with multiple ways of collecting you data and onselling to businesses. Legit and dubious.

    In NZ the Privacy Commissioner has voiced misgivings about Win 10 because of this and may launch in effect an anti-trust prosecution against Microsoft.

    Nothing, but NOTHING, comes for free from a business. There is always a cost somewhere.

    Seems a good time to look at switching to one of the versions of Linux.

    There isn’t anything on Windows that can’t be done by a Linux version. Which by the way is free open source software. Which means many eyes on the code in the software. Unlike Microsoft, and Apple too, who use closed software so bugs and security holes can go for years without being fixed. And that is not an exaggeration.

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