Do I Need Anti-Virus With Windows 10?

Dear Computer Lady,

I’m a long time fan. Thanks for your newsletter and web site, great info!!! 🙂

The other day I was listening on the radio to a tech show and the host said that once you get Win 10 that you no longer need a virus/malware protection program because they have “finally” made the the Windows Defender do what it is suppose to do. And that it protects the computer faster than any virus protector can and it works at the very heart of your internet connection. And that another virus protector would slow your machine down.

I have never been without virus protection and am a little leery of removing my program.

Can this work?

Thanks in advance, Ginnie

Dear Ginnie,

While the Windows Defender program that comes with every version of Windows is better than no antivirus, tests show that it does not perform as well as many other security programs.

If you want to see for yourself, you can check out the independent tests of Anti-Virus software at:

I will continue to use my antivirus software with Windows 10



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    • ron007
    • May 24, 2016

    As I understand it Carbonite is a file backup tool. In addition to simple file backup I would recommend a full image copy backup of your current system.

    When it works, the Win 10 “upgrade” is fine. But a number of people have reported various issues. Surprises like applications “lost”, not being migrated, driver problems to name just 2.

    So, while Win 10 does include a “backout” process it has a 30 day limited time frame. Some people have had problems that did not appear until after the 30 day limit had expired.

    Having an independent backup that runs from a bootable disk may save you a lot of grief.

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