Does Windows 10 Security Suffice?

Dear Computer Lady,

I just purchased a new Dell Computer with Windows 10.

From what I have read Windows 10 has a good anti-virus program included. Do I need anything else or will this suffice?

I regularly read your column in The Weekly Sentinel online. I see on the page you had a ad for AVG Internet Security and you mentioned recently Emsisoft in one of your replies. Is this for older computers?

Thanks, Mike

Dear Mike,

Windows 10 does come with a security program, Windows defender, but while it is better than no security program it would not be the only thing I would rely on.

For years, I have used AVG, which is good, but recently they try to sell additional programs to their customers, which are not needed.

For the past two years, I have used Emsisoft on my computer and been selling it to my customers. Emsisoft does a very good job of protecting my computer, does not try to sell me extra software that I don’t need, and it updates itself mulitple times a day.

Let me know if you are interested in setting Emsisoft up on your computer.



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