Green CheckMarks in Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

Since downloading wndows10, I have noticed a little green check marks next to some files in my documents. Do you know the significance of the checks?

Thank you, Charon

Dear Charon,

If the check marks are in your one drive documents, it means that the files are synced or backed up to your Microsoft cloud account.

I have not noticed check marks in my regular documents, just the OneDrive folders.

This would mean that…

1. You have a Microsoft account, and you are logged into your computer with your Microsoft account.

2. You have OneDrive set up on your computer (it is automatically set up in Windows 10).

3. You are storing your files in the OneDrive folders.

What this does for you is, it allows you to synchronize your files across several computers. It also serves as an automatic cloud backup for the files that are stored in the OneDrive folders.

You should notice that when you make changes to files in the OneDrive folder, or add new files, there will be a yellow check mark until your computer has finished uploading the new version of the files.



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