How To Get Rid Of Cortana

Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for all the information, you help so many!

My problem is Cortana, how can I get rid of it? I don’t use it and it takes up too much space to just have it hanging around..
I appreciate any information you can offer. Lynda

Dear Lynda,

Cortana is part of Windows 10, and while it is possible to turn it off, removing it is not an option that is built into Windows 10.

The good news is that Cortana only takes up 39MB of space, so it is not going to make a difference on your hard drive.

To turn Cortana off, simply follow these directions.

1. Click on the start logo on your computer, then click on the “Settings” gear.

2. Use the search box in the settings window to search for Cortana.

3. Click on “Cortana & Search Settings”.

4. The first option in the Cortana and search settings is a toggle switch that will allow you to turn Cortana on or off.



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