How To Quickly Maximize A Window

Dear Computer Lady,

I play exercise videos on a computer connected to my TV in the morning, and every morning I play this little game of trying to click on the maximize button before the window resizes to adjust to the video.

Most mornings, I don’t quite make it, and have to move my cursor to the new location and maximize it from there.

Today, it occurred to me that there might be a keyboard combination that would work better and faster than the touch-pad that I am currently using.

Thanks in advance for any help, Jane

Dear Jane,

I do have a keyboard shortcut that will help you with your morning workout!

Just press the Windows logo key and the up arrow key to maximize your window.

If you want to undo the action, just press the windows logo key and the down arrow.

Happy exercising! Elizabeth


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    • ron007
    • December 13, 2016

    The shortcut works for Win 10, I’m not so sure about Win 8 and earlier.

    If that doesn’t work there is a longer shortcut that works on all version. As long as the application has focus Press and hold then hit and release and .

    opens the application size/move dialog that you can also get by clicking on the application logo in the upper right corner of the application title bar.

    The is the shortcut key in that dialog for “maXimize”.

    That specific shortcut is handy if you think the application is open but you can’t see it onscreen. Maximize will display it. “MOVE” will allow you to use the arrow keys to move application window around, hopefully moving it onscreen.

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