How To Reset The Windows 10 Clock

Dear Computer Lady,

I recently got Windows 10. One night this week the clock reset itself up one hour.

Is there anyway to reset the clock in the bottom right hand corner to the correct time. When I go to the time and click over it I get a planning calendar.

Thanks in advance from John down in Georgia.

Dear John,

It sounds like your computer might be set for the wrong time zone. Here is how you can check for and fix it.

1. Point to the time on your taskbar and right-click on it.
2. In the context menu that appears, click on “Adjust date/time”.
3. In the date and time settings window, you can make several changes.
A. Make sure you have the right time zone selected.
B. You can turn off “Set time automatically” and set it yourself.
C. You can turn off the setting to adjust for daylight saving time automatically and set it yourself.

Hopefully one of these options will fix your problem.



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