Is Outlook Compatible With Windows 10?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question about Windows 10. I have read that Outlook (not Outlook Express) is not compatible with Windows 10.

Outlook is my main email program.

Do you know if this is true?

Thanks, Cindy

Dear Cindy,

Microsoft currently has two email products that use the name, Outlook, and both of them work with Windows 10.

First, there is Outlook that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. I have installed this for several customers and it works great. This version of Outlook is not free, you can purchase it as part of some versions of the Microsoft Office suite, or you can purchase it as a single program.

Second is the free, online email offered by Microsoft, used to be hotmail, but it was purchased by Microsoft and they have turned it into an online suite complete with a calendar and online office tools. You can access these tools by clicking on the icon in the upper-left that looks like a grid of squares. also works just fine with Windows 10.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth


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