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Dear Computer Lady,

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With all the people switching to the free Windows 10 operating system I’m surprised I haven’t seen this question, and hopefully the answer. “Is there a way of locking down the desktop icons once they’ve been arranged the way I like them. Every time I long on my desktop looks like a bull ran through the china shop. I’ve try everything I can with no success and now I read where 10 doesn’t have a function to accomplish this. Can you help with this?

Thanks again for all you do. Bill

Dear Bill,

This seems to be a problem for people using Windows 10 on multiple displays. For example, I have two monitors on my desktop, and occasionally, when I restart my computer, the icons are all arranged on the left side of each screen instead of where I had placed them. This is frustrating because it worked great for me with Windows 7.

I have also read that the same rearranging of icons happens when people hook their Windows 10 laptop up to an external device like a projector.

While there is software out there that will allow you to lock the desktop icons where you want them to go, I have not tried any. I have heard about one called, Fences and another called, DeskLock, but have not used either one.



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    • ron007
    • May 2, 2017

    I have the same problem. I have a dual monitor setup and the icons on my desktop are constantly being randomized by Windows.

    The core problem is that MS really doesn’t want us to use the desktop to store icons any more. They just want it to be a place to display pretty pictures.

    I used (free) Stardock Fences on Windows 8 while Fences was in development. It was great. You dragged to create a “fence” on the desktop and dropped icons into it. After that they were always arranged the same way. The Win 8 version does not work on Win 10, but here is Win 10 specific version.


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