Missing Features in Edge

Dear Computer Lady,

In Windows 10. They want you to choose my Microsoft edge. But there is no top menu bar. You can’t send from a page and also not easy to cut-and-paste.

Can you offer some help on those?

Thanks so much for your continuing help, Sue

Dear Sue,

I really don’t know what Microsoft was thinking when they were creating Edge, but it does not have many of the features that we like to use when browsing the internet.

Fortunately, you do have choices in Windows 10.

You can still use Internet Explorer. It is still available in Windows 10, you just have to find it. When I am setting up a Windows 10 computer for my customers, I usually put a shortcut to IE in the taskbar, here is how:

1. Click on the start logo (or tap the windows logo key on your keyboard) and type, “Internet Explorer”.
2. Click on Internet Explorer in the start menu to open it.
3. Once IE is running, right-click on it’s icon on the taskbar, and click “Pin To Taskbar” in the context menu.

Now, you will have an Internet Explorer icon on your taskbar just like the Edge icon. If you don’t want to use Edge, you can right-click on it’s icon and then click on “Unpin From Taskbar” in the context menu.

You can also install a different browser like Chrome or Firefox and use that in Windows 10.



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    • anetherton
    • February 21, 2017

    Elizabeth, I realize you work with a lot of Elders who are not computer literate (I am 65 YO), but many people are dubious of Explorer (a nickname for Explorer was “Exploder”).
    I would respectfully suggest either Chrome or Firefox – I know a lot of your users are used to IE, but there are alternatives that work just like it, only better.

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