Organizing The Windows 10 Document Index

Dear Computer Lady,

First a huge Thank You for the help you’ve done for a lot of people, especially me even when I did not send the original question.

I have a problem with the Windows 10 file or document index. There are headings of OneDrive, Quick access, This PC and one with my given name. My older saved files are in a separate location and it’s anyone’s guess where new files are saved.

Is there any way to just make this index an alphabetical list?

Thanks, Alice

Dear Alice,

What you are describing is a “Feature” of Windows 10 (and older versions of Windows) that for most people is more of a problem than a feature.

If you look at the top of the navigation pane in Windows Explorer (top-left of the window) you will see a star with the words, “Quick Access” this is supposed to give you quick access to folders that you frequently use.

If you point your mouse cursor ove the words, “Quick Access” you will see a small arrow pointing down. Click on this arrow to collapse the Quick Access menu. This will remove quick access shortcuts from your index.

Libraries are also not actual folders but shortcuts to different kinds of folders. If the Libraries menu item is expanded, you can click on the arrow to collapse the Libraries menu. The same thing will work for “OneDrive” as well.

This will reduce the number of items showing in your navigation pane, if you want to see just a listing of the folders actually in your user account, just click on your name, and the folders will appear in the right pane of Windows Explorer.



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