Should I Try Windows 10?

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

You haven’t said anything yet about Windows 10.

They are offering it for free.

Should I try it out?


Dear Joan,

I am going to name this week’s issue, The Windows 10 issue of Ask The Computer Lady, because the questions about 10 are starting to roll in like a flood!

I have installed Windows 10 a few times for myself and my customers, and have a few thoughts.

1. Backup, Backup, Backup! When possible, I make a complete image of your hard drive before I upgrade your computer to Windows 10. That way, if anything goes wrong, I can restore the image and you are back to where you started before the upgrade.

2. Backup your files! I have heard a few horror stories from people who upgraded and somehow lost all their pictures and documents. I don’t know exactly what went wrong, but the solution is easy, backup your important files before even attempting to upgrade to Windows 10.

3. Do a little research. Go to the website of your computer manufacturer and look up your model to see if they are supporting Windows 10 on your computer. Most newer computers will, but some older ones will not.

4. Resolve any Existing Problems. If your computer is having issues before upgrading to Windows 10, chances are the issues will get worse, not better by upgrading.

5. Wait A Little While. I like to wait a few months and let other people work with Microsoft to work out the bugs in the new operating system.

Those are just my thoughts on getting Windows 10, hopefully they will help you decide what you want to do about the free upgrade offer.



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    • MissBliss
    • August 24, 2015


    I have installed Windows 10 only to discover that I can no longer use Firefox nor can I set my default web browser to anything but Bing. I guess it’s okay but I have always used a ad blocker for sites like youtube. Can you recommend an ad blocker for use with bing?

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