Should I Upgrade To Windows 10

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Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

I am getting a notice to.

Thanks, Ann

Dear Ann,

Unless you have a compelling reason to upgrade to Windows 10, I would suggest you ignore the notice and keep the version of Windows that you now have.

If you do decide to upgrade to Windows 10 (maybe you like the new start menu or some other feature) you need to do a little homework first.

First, make sure all your hardware will work with Windows 10. Things like your printer, your scanner, your graphics card and any other things that are connected to your computer will need updated windows 10 software to run them.

Second, make sure all your software will run on Windows 10. Most programs will run on 10, but if you have any specialized software check with the company first to make sure.

Finally, make sure all your important data like documents, pictures and music are backed up BEFORE you upgrade to Windows 10. Most upgrades go smoothly, but I have seen several computers that didn’t work after the upgrade and I had to recover the files for the owner. Most of the time I am able to recover the files, but if you try to install the upgrade several times, the data can be lost.

I hope this helps you with your decision.



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