Snipping Tool in Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

One of the main reasons that I have not upgraded to W10 is that I’ve been told it no longer has the snipping tool!

I use that tool nearly daily & have no intentions of giving it up without a fight!!

If it is included in W10, how do you find/access it?

Thanks for your help & this great newsletter, G

Dear G,

Good news!! The snipping tool is included with Windows 10.

Here is how you would access it:

1. Click on the start menu icon or tap the start menu key on your keyboard.

2. When the start menu opens, don’t click on it, just start typing “Snipping Tool” and it will appear at the top of your start menu.

3. Click on the snipping tool icon, or if it is at the top of the menu, just press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

4. If you want to keep the snipping tool on your taskbar for easy access, just right click on the Snipping tool icon on your taskbar, and click “Pin To Taskbar” in the context menu.



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    • ron007
    • March 29, 2016

    As well as the built in snipping tool there is also a “better”, free download from MS with a similar name

    I have created a (very) short WIKI describing the tool.
    The link above provides more detailed description of features and how to use the tool
    Short (1:33) example done using Snip:

    Use MS Snip to create and annotate Screen Caps
    MS has created a FREE screen capture app (download at link above). You can capture portions of the screen, create annotations and even record audio and video as you make the annotations.

    2015 09 28- Microsoft Snip – a new way to get screen shots

    As well win 7/8/10 have another tool that you can use to capture session recordings it is called PSR, the Problem Step Recorder. It is intended for trouble shooting, but you can also use it for capturing “How to” instructions.


    Please use the Problem Steps Recorder to capture what you are doing so we have more details to work with. Either copy and paste the recorded steps into the forum or upload the zip file to Onedrive and give us a link to the zip file

    Users and computer ‘geeks” often don’t speak the same language, interpreting things differently based on their experience. This short article has 3 examples of fundamental misunderstandings When you read it, if you are posting a question you will probably scratch your head at the answers, while computer people will be slapping their forehead and laughing out loud. Both reactions are reasonable reflections of the readers experience. Using PSR is one way to bridge that communication breakdown.

    Solving problems unique to a machine can be an arduous task for both the end-user and the help desk. That’s why Win7 introduces the Problem Steps Recorder, a screen-capture tool that allows the end-user to record the problems they’re having step-by-step. If the problem is repeatable, the recorder will capture what you do in text form.

    It’s as simple as hitting “record” then adding in comments as needed. A HTML-based file is converted to a .ZIP folder, which is easily passed on to the help desk. The program is accessible from the Control Panel under “Record steps to reproduce a problem” or run psr.exe from Explorer.

    Upload result to a file share site like onedrive and post the link back here so we can look at it too.

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