Stop Automatic Windows Updates

Dear Computer Lady,

Is it possible at this point in time to return to a previous version of Windows? I upgraded from Windows 7 about 6 months ago. What I have read on line is that Microsoft has made it impossible.

Also it seems to be impossible to stop “automatic” updates.

Do you know if this is true in both instances?

Thank you Again, Celeste

Dear Celeste,

Windows 10 only keeps the files necessary for going back to the previous operating system for 30 days. After that, the only way to go back is to back up your data files, erase the computer and start over with a clean install of Windows 7. This is something that I occasionally do for my customers, but I don’t recommend it. You are going to have to upgrade to Windows 10 eventually, and it is more secure than Windows 7.

As for stopping automatic updates, you can stop some, but not all. Many updates are important to the security of your computer, and need to be done to maintain the security of Windows 10.



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