Taskbar Keeps Disappearing

Dear Computer Lady,

The taskbar on my Windows 10 computer keeps disappearing. I can get it back by tapping the windows key on my keyboard, but then it promptly disappears again.

How can I get it to stay?

Thanks, Rachel

Dear Rachel,

It sounds like the taskbar on your Windows 10 computer has been set to auto-hide. When this setting is turned on, the taskbar is hidden until you hover your mouse near the bottom of the screen, or tap the Windows Logo Key on your keyboard.

You can turn off the auto-hide settings, just follow these directions:

1. Right-click on a blank spot on the taskbar
2. Click on the “Settings” gear in the context menu.
3. Click the switch under, “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” to turn it off.
4. Close the settings menu.

You can repeat those steps to turn auto-hide back on.



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