The Easy Way To Protect Your Windows 10 Computer With A Password

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows 10 on my computer and right now, it is not password protected.

How do I add a password to my computer?

Thanks, Janet

Dear Janet,

It is fairly easy to add a password to your user account on your Windows 10 computer. Here is how:

1. On your Windows 10 desktop, click the start logo.

2. On the left edge of the start menu, click on the users icon. It is located just above the power icon and settings icon.

3. Click “Change Account settings” in the context menu that appears.

4. In the settings dialog box, click “Sign in options” in the left column.

5. In the right column, find the “Password” section, click the button that says, “Add”.

6. Type your desired password twice, add a hint if you want and click “Next”.

7. Click the “Finish” button to save your new password.

Now, make sure you store your new password in a safe place. You will need it to log into Windows every time you turn your computer on.



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