The Safe Way to Disable Startup Items

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I am using windows 10 and I am happy with it. Yesteryear I monkeyed a lot with MSDOS internals. However I am afraid to monkey with windows 10 more than a little bit. I do not want to rebuild.

Can I use program bcdedit at the command line to delete an incorrect or duplicate entry on the boot menu? On my desktop I have an icon for
the command prompt. Right-click offers me the option to open with administrative privileges.

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Dear Terry,

I would not suggest that you use bcdedit to change anything in Windows 10!

First, if Windows 10 is booting normally, why make any changes that might result in Windows 10 not working? Second, if you make the wrong change there, you run the risk of Windows 10 no longer working.

Instead, if you want to stop a program from automatically loading, use the task manager. You can access the Task Manager using the keyboard combination, Ctrl + Alt + Del then click on “Task Manager” in the menu that appears.

In the Task manager, click “More Details” in the lower-left corner, then click the “Startup” tab. From there you can disable any unwanted startup items.



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