The Secret To Keeping Windows 10 Awake

Dear Computer Lady,

After a few minutes of inactivity Windows 10 goes to sleep.

Is there a way to adjust something to make it wait at least an hour?

John in Georgia

Dear John,

I feel your frustration! There is nothing worse than having to log back into your computer every time you turn around, or pause for a short break.

Here is how to do that in Windows 10

1. Click on the start button, then click on the “Settings” gear.

2. Click on the “System” icon, then click on “Power & Sleep” in the left column.

3. In the right column, you can adjust the time before the screen turns off, and the amount of time before the computer goes to sleep.

4. In Windows 10 you don’t have to use an “OK” or “apply” button to save your settings, you just have to close the settings window.



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