The Secret To Searching in Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

My old computer used Windows 7 and it worked quietly and efficiently in the background. When I had to get a new computer, it came with Windows 10, which I don’t like as well, and find it hard to use.

Specifically, Win 7 had a Search feature which enabled a user to search for one or more words in a document (on the computer).

Windows 10 seems to want to search the Internet, but I haven’t found a way to search documents. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks for your site and answers to the many questions folks have asked. Marianne

Dear Marianne,

There are a couple of ways to get Windows 10 to search through your documents.

Lets say you are searching for a name in your documents. If you tap the windows logo key on your keyboard and type that name, you will see a list of results in the start menu. Normally it is divided into sections like, “best match” or “folders”, “Documents” and of course, “Web Results”.

If you see a section named “Documents” or “Folders” you can click on the heading of that section (the word, documents for example) and the search results will be limited to that section.

If you only have web results, look at the very top section of the menu, you will see three small icons. Click on the middle icon that looks like a sheet of paper to limit your search to the documents on your computer.

You can also click on the drop down list next to the word, “Filters” and select where you want to search.

This should help you search for things on your computer instead of on the internet.



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