The Secret To Searching in Windows 10

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for all the the work you do for us old folks.

I downloaded Windows 10 on my computer running Windows 7.

I do not have the search window. Windows 10 states to use the Windows key and it will appear. Not on my computer.
Also lost my Free Cell, I can use another download so this i no big problem. I just liked the old one it better than what I find on line now.


Dear Jack,

There are several ways to search in Windows 10, some are more obvious than others.

When you tap the windows logo key on your keyboard, the start menu will appear, and while there is no visible search box, if you just start typing the name of what you are looking for, Windows 10 will start searching as you type. This is my favorite way to search, and it works in Windows 7-10.

In Windows 10, the start button is a white windows logo flag usually located at the left edge of the taskbar.

First, right next to the start button is a magnifying glass icon. Click on that icon to access Cortana, the new Windows 10 search app. You can customize Cortana to help you with searching and reminders, or you can just search in the box that says, “Search the web and Windows”.

You can also access the Cortana search when you right-click on the start button and click on “Search” in the context menu that appears.

If you are looking for a file, just open Windows explorer and navigate to the folder where you think the file is located, for example, Documents. In Windows Explorer, there is a search box in the upper-right part of the window.

I hope this helps with your searching,



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